Our Work


At Pro Kleen Carpet Cleaning San Diego we use only the most powerful and safe but effective methods of steam cleaning possible.  We choose to steam clean because the ability to penetrate all carpet cleaning fibers and give your carpet that deep, fresh clean.  This is simply not possible with dry cleaning methods.  When dry cleaning there is a good chance stains could re-appear at a later time.  Our system removes stains from deep into the carpet instead of just the surface.


Pro Kleen carpet cleaners in San Diego always start by laying a pre-treatment solution.  Then with a heavy duty truck mounted system we inject hot steam deep into the carpet fivers, extracting all the dirt as well as cleaning solutions and any residue or moisture.

Long Lasting Depp Carpet Cleaning:  We extract all the dirt and grime thats been in your carpets for possibly years.  Unlike other carpet cleaners in San Diego that like to just buff the surface.  With our cleaning process your carpets and rugs will stay cleaner longer not just for the short term.


High Powered Steam Cleaning:  Our special high power truck mounted system allows us to create temperatures of 130 and above to reach the perfect sanitation level needed to give your carpet that deep clean its been craving since being layer down since day one.  Our high powered truck mounted steam cleaning system kill and extracts bacteria, germs, dust and soil from your carpets fibers.  Most carpet manufacturers always suggest using hot water extraction to clean there carpets.  In fact some companies even void warranties if you clean in any other way.


Fast Drying Time:  Because we choose to use a powerful truck mounted cleaning system, we are able to remove almost all moisture using during the San Diego carpet cleaning process. The water is simply heated up shot out and sucked right back up leaving your home drying much faster then other San Diego carpet cleaners you my have used in the past.


No Cleaning solutions Left In Your Carpet:  Because we us rinsing strokes you don’t have to worry about any cleaning residue being left in your carpet.  We completely flush your carpet of dirt, grime, and other carpet cleaning solutions.  We believe frequent cleaning will help prolong the lifespan of your carpet.